Let's do something silly with YAML?

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asked Mar 13 in Wanted features by boldandbusted (280 points)
Howdy. I want to be as lazy as possible, up to the "irreducable complexity" of this task. :)

I'd like to feed PlantUML a giant, complex Kubernetes Manifest YAML file, like this one: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/argoproj/argo-cd/v2.0.4/manifests/ha/install.yaml and see PlantUML output some nice, convoluted yet smooth diagrams of every object relationship in that file. I'd like the option to have a single diagram with each of the different objects, or the option to output several seperate diagram files for each object in that file.

I'd like to *not* have to wrap the YAML in @startyaml/@endyaml - just start preprocessing and go! :D

How greedy am I to want this? If this would be best handled by an external script, has anyone written these already and is willing to share in a repo somewhere?

Cheers! Thanks for PlantUML and for keeping me lazy.

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answered Mar 13 by jens.fudickar (340 points)