Missing use cases for regex diagrams

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asked Mar 14 in Wanted features by Todd Musheno (2,510 points)
I put together a mostly comprehensive list of used cases for regex railroad diagrams at:


This was reverted...

I realize my syntax may not be 100%, but could we add these back in (or reasons why each item was rejected)

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answered Mar 14 by plantuml (289,640 points)
I'm sorry, I could not retrieve your contribution :-(

Not sure why it was reverted... Maybe a bug?

Do you have some copy of your missing issues? Because they would be indeed very useful

Really sorry about that!
commented Mar 14 by Todd Musheno (2,510 points)
All of the diagrams in there SHOULD work... not all do.
commented Mar 14 by plantuml (289,640 points)

We are going to have a look on these.

Thanks again.
commented Mar 14 by Todd Musheno (2,510 points)
Also note that litteralCharacterSequence SHOULD show up as just "foo".

Might be more of that floating around.