Explicitly declare sequence diagram

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asked May 4, 2023 in Wanted features by dannief (200 points)
I'd like to option to explicitly declare that I am creating a sequence diagram so that I can reuse elements created in other diagrams, specifically a deployment diagram.

I use the PlantUML C4 library and create different views by using macros to create the elements and calling them in different diagrams. I'd like to use the same elements to create a sequence diagram.

There is similar request and workaround here https://forum.plantuml.net/13631/sequence-diagram-participants-based-on-components?show=13631#q13631, but this does not solve my problem
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I think you want something like this (best case part of C4-Stdlib wink )?

But based on the sample I see already a lot of limitations;
a) boundaries (now box) cannot be formatted via stereotypes
b) only participants (==rectangles) can be supported
c) links are not checked until now

BR Helmut

PS.: I created following issue in C4-stdlib

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answered May 14, 2023 by anonymous
Yes would really want support in the C4 library, that is my primary use case. (Thanks for created an issue in the stdlib.)

I think a feature like this in the base plantuml library would be very beneficial as well though. So that elements created with macros can be reused across relevant diagram types.
commented May 14, 2023 by kirchsth (6,240 points)
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I created a first draft (e.g. boxes are missing) but links,... are working details see issue itself

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answered Jul 17, 2023 by kirchsth (6,240 points)

The new released [C4-StdLib v 2.7.0](https://github.com/plantuml-stdlib/C4-PlantUML/releases/tag/v2.7.0) supports sequence diagrams too (incl. themes)

It is also merged into plantuml-stdlib that `!include <C4/C4_Sequence>` can be used in the next version PlantUML v1.2023.11 too.

BR Helmut