plantuml-server outdated? No access to last beta version

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asked May 5, 2023 in Question / help by kirchsth (5,860 points)

"PlantUML Web Server" used typically the latest beta versions, but for month the server is not updated anymore
(atm it uses e.g. 1.2023.6beta6 and 1.2023.6 is already released).
current version (1.2023.6.beta5)
a) can the server be updated to the latest beta version?
b) or where can I download the latest beta (incl. last merged plantuml-stdlib version) that I use it locally.

Thank you and best regards

PS.: I want to make some <C4/themes> related tests

1 Answer

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answered May 18, 2023 by kirchsth (5,860 points)

I got the answer via another issue.
The last beta is always available via the release page, independent if the online server is updated or not.