!theme supports no calculated from path and no stdlib from path

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related to C4 themes

Starting with v1.2023.7 (prerelease) stdlib deploys C4 with themes support that it can be used e.g. via !include

!include <C4/themes/puml-theme-C4_united.puml>

But !theme supports neither calculated path nor the stdlib path (!include supports both options)

' NOT WORKING: theme with stdlib from <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
'!theme C4_united from <C4/theme>

' NOT WORKING: theme with calculated from <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
!$baseUrl = "https://raw.githubusercontent.com/plantuml-stdlib/C4-PlantUML/master"
' !theme C4_united from $baseUrl/themes

Is it possible to extend !theme that "from path" supports the same features like the "include path"

If you click the link you see all working and not working (missing) !theme calls

Thank you and best regards

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answered May 15 by plantuml (291,180 points)
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Thanks for the idea!

This is implemented in last beta.

Tell us if it's not working for you or if you need other improvement.


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Thank you, it works perfect. yesyesyes

Is there a "central" place that I can download the (latest) beta version of the jar?

commented May 18 by plantuml (291,180 points)
You'll find it on github https://github.com/plantuml/plantuml/releases

Hope this helps!
commented May 18 by kirchsth (3,840 points)

Thank you.
Did you explicit create this release or was automatically?
If it is automatically I update following issue.

commented May 18 by plantuml (291,180 points)
It's automatic, thanks to github action.

Do not hesitate to update other issues if they are fixed! Thanks for your help.