UML class diragrm using JSON

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asked May 18, 2023 in Question / help by VA
Hi, I'm trying to create UML diagrams (with all UML grammar - relationships, attributes, scope etc.) from JSON message. Is it possible using PlantUML library? If so , please provide me a pointer/ details page. Thanks in advance. Kind regards VA

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answered May 18, 2023 by kirchsth (6,280 points)


I used in a C4 sample json as input date. Do you mean something like this?

You could even import the data via an include, details can be found in plantuml-docu.

BR Helmit


commented May 18, 2023 by VA

Thanks for quick response. C4-sample - does it support UML relationships (like generalisation/ inheritance ... etc.)? I couldn't locate in C4 page. Please share the details. Kind regards, VA

commented May 18, 2023 by kirchsth (6,280 points)

C4 does not support UML (its a different model, and it uses only PlantUML for drawing).
For me the relevant part was that based on json as input data a concrete "plantuml diagram" is created.

related the link problem: behind my C4 Sample link you should reach

But for your concrete you have to define your own "template". documentation see plantuml-docu A more UML related samples could be  ("Full Example" section)
BR Helmut

commented May 18, 2023 by VA
Thanks a lot.