sequence diagram - skinparameter SequenceDelayFontColor, SequenceReferenceHeaderFontColor ... (teoz)

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I try to create a sequence diagram with a (for me) consistent layout.
I have following problems (details see in sample below):
a) skinparam SequenceDelayFontColor not working at all
b) how can I define sequence delay background color
c) how can I define sequence reference header font color

Thank you and best regards

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Hello K., and all,

For a) & b), see pseudo-similar [wanted feature] request here:

And this test example:

scale 2
sequenceDiagram {
  lifeline {
    LineThickness 2
    LineColor red
    BackGroundColor pink
    Shadowing 10

  delay {
    ' OK
    FontColor green
    FontSize 10
    FontStyle bold
    FontName Serif
    HyperLinkColor blue
    HorizontalAlignment left
    DiagonalCorner 5

    ' KO
    LineThickness 2
    LineColor red
    BackGroundColor pink
    Shadowing 10

Bob -> Alice : hello
...5 minutes later\na a a\na...


For c): That is not so perfect but you can use:

referenceHeader {
  fontcolor red

If that can help,

commented May 19 by kirchsth (4,680 points)
Thank you for the fast awnser, I will use they styles.
BR Helmut

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