Windows 11 PlantUML_Template_v34 will not open

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asked Sep 7 in Question / help by dickiebobbie (120 points)


It's been a long time since I've used PlantUML, around 2019 was the last.  I'm having trouble getting PlantUML_Template_v34 to work.  I can't open the dotm at all.  I've tried on two Windows 11 laptops.  Refer screenshots in OneDrive link.  I can see from other threads that v34, word 2016 will work, but I can't identify what is wrong with the setup I have.  Asking for: help to either:
1. Suggestions on what I've missed in the set-up to get this to work, or

2. Other ways that I could make this work, i.e. can I use the source and create my own dotm?



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