defining a theme for embedded diagram breaks it

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asked Sep 26 in Bug by boshka (3,880 points)
The following code fails (though it shouln't):


component a {

note top of a: \n==theme fail==\n{{\n!theme crt-amber\nUser->System: test\n}}\n


Please have a look:
commented Sep 26 by The-Lu (60,440 points)

Hi B., and all,

It is due to mono-line management and preprocessing passes.

Then a workaround will be to use multi-line embedded diagram as:


component a {

note top of a
==theme don't fail==
!theme crt-amber
User->System: test
end note

If that can help,

commented Sep 26 by boshka (3,880 points)
Hi The-Lu,

thank you, I know about the workaround. However, I believe, both options should work if supported. So, filed this ticked for eventual fixing if possible.

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