Component diagram is ugly as a nightmare :( What am I doing wrong?

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asked Oct 13, 2023 in Question / help by iamhere2 (120 points)

Hello everyone!

I'm trying to use PlantUML for automatic component diagram generation. I need to depict interfaces, delegated connections (or something as a replacement), outer and nested components (just one level of parent-child). Not much, as I believe. But the result is awful for some reason. Could you please hint me what I am doing wrong?

That's the code:

@startuml SimpleChess

component "SimpleChess Application" as Application {

    portin "IConsoleApplication" as InPort_IConsoleApplication

    portout "IFileIO" as OutPort_IFileIO

    portout "IConsoleInput" as OutPort_IConsoleInput

    portout "IConsoleOutput" as OutPort_IConsoleOutput

    component ChessEngine

    component GameController

    interface "IChessEngine" as ChessEngine_IChessEngine

    ChessEngine_IChessEngine - [ChessEngine]

    interface "IGameController" as GameController_IGameController

    GameController_IGameController - [GameController]

    [GameController] --( ChessEngine_IChessEngine

    [GameController] --(0- OutPort_IFileIO

    [GameController] --(0- OutPort_IConsoleInput

    [GameController] --(0- OutPort_IConsoleOutput

    GameController_IGameController -0- InPort_IConsoleApplication


interface "IConsoleApplication" as Env_IConsoleApplication

InPort_IConsoleApplication -- Env_IConsoleApplication

interface "IFileIO" as Env_IFileIO

OutPort_IFileIO --( Env_IFileIO

interface "IConsoleInput" as Env_IConsoleInput

OutPort_IConsoleInput --( Env_IConsoleInput

interface "IConsoleOutput" as Env_IConsoleOutput

OutPort_IConsoleOutput --( Env_IConsoleOutput


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