spacelab theme: message "test" is not seen

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asked Nov 3, 2023 in Bug by boshka (3,940 points)
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answered Nov 3, 2023 by The-Lu (64,340 points)

Hello B., and all,

It is due to the fact this theme must be used with a dark background, as:

!$BGCOLOR = gray
!theme spacelab
a->b: test

If you want to use on light background, you can use:

skinparam arrowFontColor $PRIMARY_DARK

Then here is the expected result:

!theme spacelab
skinparam arrowFontColor $PRIMARY_DARK
a->b: test

See similar issue here... :

If you want: you can ask directly the author of those themes.

If that can help,


commented Nov 8, 2023 by boshka (3,940 points)
Hi The-Lu!

Thank you for clarifications!