[State Diagram] junction pseudo-states

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asked Dec 27, 2023 in Wanted features by Esperito (140 points)
In state diagrams, the choice pseudo-state is supported, but the junction pseudo-state is not supported.

By non-support of the junction pseudo-state, I could not design  state machine that is slightly complicated without increasing states or transition.

I want to append the 'junction' stereotype.
I know that the 'start' stereotype is simlular to the junction pseudo-state.
By using the 'start' stereotype,  the PlantUML generates the start pseudo-state symbol that is same appearance to the junction pseudo-state symbol.
I think that it is easy to support the 'junction' stereotype.

Please try to be constructive when considering this matter.

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answered May 14 by duc_ttm (160 points)
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How about  this (use entryPoint in an invisible state as junction point)


state choice1 <<choice>>

state " " as X #white;line:white {

state " " as junction1 <<entryPoint>>


[*] --> Idle

Idle --> choice1 : CoffeeRequested

choice1 --> BeansGrinding : [isUngrindedBeans?]

choice1 --> junction1 : [else]

BeansGrinding --> junction1

junction1 --> BeansFilling : / UpdateRecipe()


You can check it here: