Encountering a 403 Forbidden error while working on a diagram in Visual Studio Code

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asked Jan 26 in Question / help by katonda (120 points)

I think the syntax is fine, it just seems to happen when I add too many lines/elements.

Is there a way around this?

PS: I'm a business user/novice so if there's a tutorial to follow, please link it.

Error: 403 Forbidden

GET https://www.plantuml.com/plantuml/svg/0/...
at ClientRequest.closeCallback (c:\Users\anonymous\.vscode\extensions\well-ar.plantuml-2.17.6\out\src\plantuml\renders\httpWrapper.js:78:27)
at ClientRequest.emit (node:events:513:28)
at TLSSocket.socketCloseListener (node:_http_client:465:9)
at TLSSocket.emit (node:events:525:35)
at node:net:322:12
at TCP.done (node:_tls_wrap:588:7)

1 Answer

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answered Jan 30 by annetre (180 points)
Do you use the PlantUML extension? Please, show the code of your diagram.