puml vs. iuml

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asked Feb 7 in Question / help by Christian
Dear PlantUML Community,

after searching for a while, i haven't found an explenation, what the difference is between puml and iuml files. Can someone give me a good explenation?

Regards, Chrsitian

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answered Feb 7 by The-Lu (62,540 points)

Hello C., and all,

It is more a distinction of principle and usage, rather than a real difference:

  • `.puml` is generally use for plantuml source file;
  • rather `.iuml` is  is generally use for inclusion file with the preprocessing command `!include`.

See also doc here:

See also seacrh on `.iuml` here:

If that can help,

commented Feb 7 by The-Lu (62,540 points)

See also (for the list of extension):