Default skinparam and actor,box, participant format for multiple diagrams in single file.

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asked Feb 27 in Question / help by Gauraiv Shettye

I have multiple sequence diagrams in single file and using common skinparam, box, participant, actor for all diagrams.

If I separated diagrams with @startuml and @enduml then all skinparam, box, participant, actor need to be repeated under each diagram. How can I add repetition of declaration?

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answered Feb 27 by The-Lu (65,440 points)

Hello G.,

For that you can use definition, with `@startdef/@enddef` and identifier, see doc. here:


commented Feb 28 by anonymous

Tried below code but not able to get expected image.


@startdef (id=ggs)
    skinparam MaxMessageSize 400
    skinparam BoxPadding 10
    skinparam ArrowFontColor #003366
    skinparam ArrowFontSize 20
    skinparam NoteFontSize 18
    skinparam NoteFontColor #0000
    skinparam NoteBackgroundColor #E12E56
    skinparam NoteShadowing false
    skinparam NoteTextAlignment left
    skinparam ActorBackgroundColor #0069B1
    skinparam ActorBorderColor #E12E56
    skinparam Participant{
        FontColor #FFFFFF
        BackgroundColor #0069B1
        Padding 10
        FontSize 18
    participant "Customer Mobile App" as A #BF9000
    participant "Customer Mobile Backend" as B #ED7D31

!includedef ggs

A -> B: Text
B -> A: Return

Image received:


Expected Image:


commented Feb 28 by The-Lu (65,440 points)

Hi G., and A.,

To see the expected result:

  • Could you just suppress the space between `@startdef` and `(id=ggs)`?


@startdef (id=ggs)



Otherwise use 'sub' or 'include'...

Enjoy, wink