Activity Diagram - Swimlanes - Issue with vertical alignment of activity labels

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asked Apr 5 in Question / help by swimmer
edited Apr 5

Hi Everyone,

I'm struggling to understand why activity labels are not vertically aligned when building activity diagram using swimlanes. 

Here mi my example:

skinparam style strictuml
|Team A|
|Team B|
if (valid?) is (yes) then
    if (special case?) is (yes) then
        :send question;
        |Team A|
        :provide info;
        |Team B|
        :special object created;
    else (no)
        :object created;
else (no)
    |Team B|
    |Team A|
    :use new object;

The issue here is that "provide info" label is for some reason brought to the left side in "Team A" swimlane. 
If I remove "provide info" label then all labels in "Team A" are perfectly horizontally aligned.

Am I doing something wrong or is there any trick to fix that?

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