"!pragma teoz true" produces OutOfMemoryError or is ~20 times slower if memory is added

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asked Apr 27 in Bug by kirchsth (5,780 points)

it is related to following C4-Stdlib issue

I have a relative complex sequence diagram with `!pragma teoz true`. If I start it with default memory then I get a OutOfMemoryError exception.

If I start it with 8GB Memory then it  works (`java  -Xms8192m  -Xmx8192m  -jar plantuml.jar ....`) but requires ~21 sec (the C4-plantuml version requires 1min40sec!).

if I build it without teoz the it runs with 4GB and is finished in ~2 sec. (C4-plantuml version ~5 sec)

Could the implementation has an issue for this kind of diagrams?

Thank you
BR Helmut

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