I would like to embed object diagrams into states of state diagrams.

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asked May 24, 2014 in Wanted features by blochberger (200 points)

It would be nice if one can reflect a programs state by an object diagram.

So I basically want to have state diagram but within a state it should be possible to add an object diagram reflecting the program state.

The code might look like:

state s1 {
 object o1 {
    visible = "true"
state s2 {
  object o1 {
    visible = "false"
[*] --> s1

s1 --> s2
s2 --> s1

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answered Feb 25, 2018 by Anthony-Gaudino (5,720 points)
selected Feb 25, 2018 by blochberger
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You may be able to embed a diagram into another.

See http://forum.plantuml.net/2427