Image paths are relative to the application path and not the working directory

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asked May 28, 2014 in Bug by blochberger (200 points)

I want to create a state diagram with an image shown in the state body/description.

My folder structure:

  • working_directory/
    • states.pu
    • state1.png
    • state2.png

My states.pu:

state state1
state state2
state1 : <img state1.png>
state2 : <img state2.png>
[*] --> state1
state1 --> state2

Now when I want to render the graph using PlantUML the images are not included but an error is shown that the images could not be found at the location where PlantUML is stored, fe. /Applications/

I'd make the image search path relative to the pu-file if not an absolute path to the image is given.

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