PlantUML jars in Maven repositories don't contain OpenIconic SVGs

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asked Aug 21, 2014 in Bug by cgiess (140 points)

The plantuml.jars which will be downloaded by Maven does not contain OpenIconics SVG graphics.

This seems to be a problem with PlantUMLs Maven build. If one builds PlantUML with Ant all the graphics are included but not when building with Maven.

Adding the follwing line in pom.xml should fix this problem:

+   <include>net/sourceforge/plantuml/openiconic/data/*.svg</include>



1 Answer

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answered Aug 22, 2014 by plantuml (257,900 points)
Many thanks for pointing this out!

We will solve this in V8004 (probably this week-end).

commented Aug 22, 2014 by cgiess (140 points)
This would be great.
I will wait for V8004 before releasing the next version of the Confluence PlantUML Plugin.
commented Aug 24, 2014 by plantuml (257,900 points)
Done! :-)
Thanks again