Fork vertex (bar) doesn't cross swimlane

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asked Aug 24, 2014 in Bug by Fuhrmanator (1,700 points)

Playing around with the activity diagrams and swimlanes, I found a bug with how fork and swimlanes are shown. It seems the bar for a fork won't cross the swimlane. Here's a simple example

end fork

1 Answer

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answered Aug 26, 2014 by plantuml (294,660 points)
Thanks for the feedback.
This is (somehow) solved in this beta:

You will see that the fork still does not cross swimlanes, but the missing arrows are now correctly drawn.

commented Feb 26, 2015 by anonymous
As I understand issues with spreading that bar across related swimlanes is in that it may cross unrelated swimlanes. And placing bar across all swimlanes may look unreadable.

Can we at least place that "fork" bar in swimlane of prev block and "end fork" in swimlane of next block or same where corresponding "fork" where done?
I guess this will make more sense than placing it in swimlane of next block after "fork".