PlantUML integrated with TiddyWiki: how to make it public?

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asked Nov 12, 2012 in Closed question / help by anonymous


I have integrated PlantUML with TiddlyWiki, and it's working fine. You can write your diagrams directly in the wiki, and they will be shown as images in the TiddlyWiki entries, generated by the online PlantUML service. As a user of both PlantUML and TiddlyWiki, I find this integration really interesting and productive.

Do you think it would be interesting enough to publish it in your "Running" page, together with the integration with other wikis (like PmWiki, DokuWiki, etc.)? What are the requirements to be included there?, perhaps I shall write something about the use of the plugin for Tidddlywiki, together with some screenshots (like in the PmWiki case)?

You'll find the TiddlyWiki plugin that makes possible the integration here:

Thank you very much!!

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Aníbal Cáceres.

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answered Nov 13, 2012 by plantuml (279,680 points)


That's fine : I will put a link to in the Running page (and on the what's new page).

The only suggestion is that you could add into your file the description and usage information that you have written in PlantUmlPlugin.js file header, so that users can read it when they arrive on the page.

Thanks for having creating this plugin!


commented Nov 13, 2012 by anonymous
Thanks for the answer!!
Done, I prepared a better, with the description of the plugin, installation, and usage. I'll enrich it soon with some images illustrating the steps.
For me it was a pleasure to create the plugin, because I'm a heavy user of TiddlyWiki, and was missing a way to draw diagrams on it in an easy way, so now I'm happy :), and if I can help other TiddlyWiki+PlantUML users to be happy that will be great for me. My thanks to you for creating and maintaining PlantUML.
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