How could I produce the final colored UML diagram from the generated file

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Dear All,

Now I find that PlantUML could generate a file called "". I am able to generate svg or png diagram using DOT command:

dot -Tsvg -O

However, the generated svg or png diagram (no color, no text) is different from the one generated by PlantUML.

My question is: is it possible to produce the final UML diagram (with perfect color, text, etc.) from "" using DOT command? That is, is it possible to produce the same colored diagram as the one generated by PlantUML, just using dot command from ""?

It seems the "" does not contain color info and text info.

digraph unix {






sh0004 [shape=rect,label="",width=0.791667,height=0.666667,color="#000004"];


Could anyone please

give some advice about how to generate the perfect colored diagram from ""? Thanks!


Best regards,


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answered Sep 30, 2014 by plantuml (208,280 points)

Unfortunatly, you cannot produce the final/complete/perfect UML diagram from DOT language. It's not possible to generate the final UML diagram from ""

Dot is just used by PlantUML to compute node positions (see information ).

PlantUML retrieves positions from the file generated by Dot, and do the real drawing by itself. We are working this way because drawing capabilities of dot are somehow limited (for what we want to do).

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Thank you for the answer.