State DIagrams Escaping "

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asked Oct 13, 2014 in Wanted features by anonymous

PlantUML is a great tool.

Nevertheless I am missing a feature to print in a state diagram a " sign. Is there a possibility to show the " sign in the diagram?

I want to use it for automatically generating a state machine diagram from C/C++ code and there are " signs used.


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answered Oct 13, 2014 by plantuml (293,820 points)


Well, this is not possible (yet), but this should be easy to fix for us.

In the mean time, could you post here a very simple example of what you are expecting ?

Something like this ?

state "This is my "state" with quotes"

commented Jan 9, 2021 by vidge (100 points)
hi, i am looking for this same feature, is it available now?
commented Jan 9, 2021 by plantuml (293,820 points)

You can have

state "This is my <U+0022>state<U+0022> with quotes"