Is it possible to define the name and an alias for a swimlane in one place and use the alias everywhere else?

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asked Nov 11, 2014 in Wanted features by moishe (260 points)

In order to be able to change the name of a swimlane without having to change every reference to it, it would be helpful to be able to assing an alias to in some way like aliases can be assigned to actors or use cases

actor :Last actor: as Men4
usecase UC1 as "This is my use case"


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answered Nov 11, 2014 by moishe (260 points)
edited Nov 12, 2014 by moishe
After a bunch of trying back and forth I found out that the syntax I was looking for is simply

|[#<color>|]<swimlane_alias>| <swimlane_title>

as in

|#green|f| fisherman
|c| cook
|#yellow|e| eater
:go fish;
:fry fish;
:eat fish;

Could you please add this to the docs? Thanks!