Does the activity beta syntax allow forking across partitions?

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asked Nov 25, 2014 in To be sorted by brettski74 (120 points)

The old syntax allowed forking across partitions, as in the old conductor example:

partition Conductor {
  (*) --> "Climbs on Platform"
  --> === S1 ===
  --> Bows
partition Audience LightSkyBlue {
  === S1 === --> Applauds
partition Conductor {
  Bows --> === S2 ===
  --> WavesArmes
  Applauds --> === S2 ===
partition Orchestra #CCCCEE {
  WavesArmes --> Introduction
  --> "Play music"
So far, my attempts all produce an error - Cannot find group. For example:
partition Conductor {
  :Climbs on Platform;
partition Audience {
  fork again
partition Conductor {
  end fork
  :Waves Arms;
partition Orchestra {
  :Plays Music;
From my brief dig into the code, it looks like this may be because the parser is expecting to see an end fork statement before the closing brace for the end of the group. Is there any way to do this in the new syntax or is it only possible in the old syntax? Is there a plan to support this type of diagram in the new syntax? you can do something that is syntactically similar using swimlanes, but swimlanes is not always the best way to depict such process flow. Perhaps the partition syntax needs to be modified to use an approach similar to swimlanes in order to support such diagrams?


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