Sequence Chart: diagram doesn't scale with long text in 'else' of a group message

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asked Dec 19, 2014 in Bug by hbast (140 points)

Hi together,
the problem occurs, when I'm using a lot of text in the else path of a group message in a sequence chart. The diagram will not scale with the text and cuts it a the end of line.

Here is a full "running" example:

Alice -> Bob: Authentication Request
alt successful case
    Bob -> Alice: Authentication Accepted
else some kind of failure
    Bob -> Alice: Authentication Failure
    group My own label
    Alice -> Log : Log attack start
        loop 1000 times
            Alice -> Bob: DNS Attack
    Alice -> Log : Log attack end
else Another type of failure and more to do for Alice and Bob and the logging system
   Bob -> Alice: Please repeat


Bye, Holger

1 Answer

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answered Jan 5, 2015 by plantuml (295,000 points)

Thanks for the report.

This has been fixed in release V8016.