Cannot set activityBackgroundColor for a branch (V8015)

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asked Dec 30, 2014 in Bug by ej0502 (140 points)


I am trying to set the background color for a branch (the diamond) and the only way I have managed to do this is with another arrow pointing at its Alias from another activity, like so:

skinparam activity {
BackgroundColor<< BLUE_DARK >> #7C9CCD
(*) -down-> "Start" as Start
Start  -->  if  "Branch"  as Branch then
  --> Choice1
--> "Choice2" as Choice2
"Choice2" as Choice2 --> "Branch"  as Branch<< BLUE_DARK >>
When ideally I would rather not have to add another arrow, and would prefer something like
Start --> if "Branch" as Branch<<BLUE_DARK>> then
However the stereotype has no effect, and everything between if and then is set as the label.

1 Answer

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answered Jun 19, 2018 by JYip

The name of this type of object is the ActivityDiamond.

So to set a number of parameters you'd use

skinparam  ActivityDiamond {
   BorderColor #green 
   BackgroundColor #grey

Or individually

skinparam ActivityDiamondBorderColor #Green

skinparam  ActivityDiamondBackgroundColor #Yellow