Dashed arrows to Sequence Diagram edges cannot be colored

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asked Feb 19, 2015 in Bug by Larry (200 points)


I just encountered the following rendering issue: Messages to/from diagram edges lose their dashed aspect when colored.

[-->A : hello
[-[#green]->A : hello

A-->] : hello
A-[#green]->] : hello


BTW, while [ and ] roles are fully specified (respectively left and right sides of the diagram), they cannot be used symetrically as others participants do:

A<-] : Works
]->A : Does not work



1 Answer

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answered Feb 19, 2015 by plantuml (277,100 points)

Thanks for the report!

Last beta should fix all this : https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/13064071/plantuml.jar

Few tests have been done, so feedback welcome is this is not working well!

commented Mar 6, 2015 by Larry (200 points)
I finally managed to test the fix from the beta and it works now as expected.
Thanks a lot.