How to set font color inside controling elements in activity2 diagrams

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asked Feb 25, 2015 in Bug by Pander (720 points)
How to set font color inside controlling elements in activity2 diagrams independently from the font color for labels on the arrows next to the controling elements. That is, I have an if or while with dark background color and I want to use white font color, then the labels outside the if and while also get a white color and are not visible anymore.

As far as I am concerned, al labels from if, while, repeat, etc in activity2 diagram should get font identical to that on the arrows.

The font settings inside the if, while and repeat should be identical to the text inside activities or be controlable with an additional setting.

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answered Feb 26, 2015 by plantuml (265,600 points)
The possibility to configure font/color for activity beta diagrams are indeed somehow limited today.

The real issue here is not the code, but the definition of the syntax. And we are out of inspiration for new skinparam parameters...

What you can do is to post here an example with some suggested skinparams that you would like to have.

If that sounds good to us, we will implement them that way.

commented Nov 3, 2015 by motin (100 points)
I second Pander's original suggestion: to have the array text colors for the control structure "if/else" texts follow the "activityArrowFontColor" skinparam. Any idea of when it can be implemented? :)
commented Nov 8, 2015 by plantuml (265,600 points)
With last beta
You can have:

skinparam activityArrowFontColor red
if (foo) then (foo1)
else (foo2)

Note that there is also a ActivityDiamondFontColor setting:

As we said, we know that all those settings for font colors into activity beta are not always coherent, so do not hesitate to post your ideas and suggestions.

Thanks again!