Is there a bug in hide class?

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asked Feb 22, 2013 in Bug by anonymous
I get a syntax error when using hide class

I get the same error when using an existing class name after hide.

The documentation says that hide class should hide all classes.

I'm trying to create a file that contains only the class declarations which is then included by other files that draw diagrams, but I don't want every class drawn on every diagram.

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answered Feb 23, 2013 by plantuml (230,800 points)
edited Feb 23, 2013 by plantuml
I understand what you are trying to do, but you cannot do that with PlantUML today. This will be probably released in future version.

The current version of "hide" key word does only apply of some part of the class (member, stereotypes...) but not on the whole class itself. Example:

class Foo1 {

class Foo2 {

hide class members
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answered Feb 28, 2013 by plantuml (230,800 points)

This has been implemented in version 7959.



commented Mar 28, 2013 by anonymous
Works great. Thank you!