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asked May 27, 2015 in Wanted features by anonymous
closed May 29, 2015
Hyperlinks with space are not taken into account (seen on use class diagram) :

for instance with :

class foo1 [[file:///C:\Users\Public\Documents\foo 1.txt]]

=> The link does not work

whereas with

class foo1 [[file:///C:\Users\Public\Documents\foo1.txt]]

=> OK

Tested with the plantuml 8024 jar
closed with the note: Problem solved

1 Answer

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answered May 28, 2015 by pacheco (380 points)
using double-quotes seems to work for me

class foo1 [["file:///C:\Users\Public\Documents\foo 1.txt"]]
commented May 29, 2015 by anonymous
Think you very much !!!

It's also good for me.