Does PlantUML support references between class/component members

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asked Jul 14, 2015 in To be sorted by anonymous

I want to link members of class or components.
Here is an example:

object user
user : id
user : name
user : email
object project {
' And now I try to link directly the members
project.user_id ->
The DOT syntax itself allows something like this:
See: Chapter Record-based nodes.
Does PlantUML support something similar? 

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answered Jul 15, 2015 by plantuml (295,000 points)

Thank for the suggestion. However, PlantUML does not support this (yet).

The closest feature you can have is note attached to specific method/attribut of a class (see ).

We can allow notes for object attribut if you need it.

Using record-bases nodes of Graphviz to link class members is theorically possible. But this is not an easy move so we have to postpone it somehow. Sorry about that!

commented Jul 15, 2015 by anonymous
Thanks for the fast answer.
Luckily PlantUML is still awesome enough.
Great work so long.
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answered Jun 29, 2016 by plantuml (295,000 points)

With last beta

You can now have:

class Foo {
+ field1
+ field2

class Bar {
+ field3
+ field4

Foo::field1 --> Bar::field3 : foo
Foo::field2 --> Bar::field4 : bar

Note that this is still a beta version, so it may not work/crash in some case.
Feedback welcome!

commented Dec 19, 2016 by anonymous
Sorry for the really late response.

But finally: Works great :)
Would like to have it inside an official release.

Thanks a lot for the work!
commented Sep 18, 2019 by valexiev (1,220 points)

Great! Another example is at

commented Jun 9, 2023 by Ron HD
It doesn't work with PlantUML 1.2023.7 with the built-in Smetana renderer (and as of when I write this, homebrew installation of GraphViz on MacOs Ventura 13.4 is broken by a missing dependency)