auto scaling based on declared max-size

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asked Aug 27, 2015 in Wanted features by peter.loborg (360 points)


As a complement to scale, that allways scales a diagram to the sepcified width*height, I would request a command maxsize width*height that would scale down the diagram to fit if needed, but if the diagram already is smaller than this bounding box it would never attempt at scaling up the image.

This would be very useful to keep diagram images within sertain boundaries - and if they become too small the user would have to divide the diagram. May not work together with page splitting though..



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answered Aug 29, 2015 by plantuml (293,820 points)
selected Aug 29, 2015 by peter.loborg
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Very good idea!

In the last beta

You can now have:

scale max 60*20

Thanks again for the suggestion!