Association Class doesn't allow quoted class names

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asked Sep 5, 2015 in To be sorted by valexiev (520 points)
The first line works ok, but the second line (which uses complains:
"cona:700000166-thing" -- "aat:300007466" : crm:P2_has_type
("cona:700000166-thing", "aat:300007466") . "cona:700000166-type1"
So I have to sanitize class names like this:
class cona_700000166_thing as "cona:700000166-thing"
class aat_300007466 "aat:300007466"
class cona_700000166_type1 as "cona:700000166-type1"
But it would be nice for Association Classes to allow the same quoted notation that's allowed by attributes and relations

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