set direction of Association Class

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asked Sep 5, 2015 in To be sorted by valexiev (520 points)

In the diagram below, I want the first assoc cona_700000166_type1 to be to the left of the relation. I've specified ".left."  but that has no effect: it takes "." and ignores the rest., says to use "." for right, and ".." for down. In fact it determines automatically whether to put to the right (when the relation is vertical) or down (when the relation is horizontal), and ignores the number of dots.

I want to be able to set the direction, using a notation like .left. .right. .up. .down.

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class aat_term_1000290235_en as "aat_term:1000290235-en"
aat_term_1000290235_en : a xl:Label, crm:E35_Title
aat_term_1000290235_en : xl:literalForm "basilica"@en
aat_term_1000290235_en : crm:P3_has_note "basilica"@en
aat_term_1000290235_en : crm:P72_has_language gvp_lang:en
class aat_300170443 as "aat:300170443"
aat_300170443 : a crm:E55_Type, skos:Concept
aat_300170443 --> aat_term_1000290235_en : crm:P102_has_title\nxl:altLabel
class aat_300007466 as "aat:300007466"
aat_300007466 : a skos:Concept, crm:E55_Type
class aat_term_1000290603_en as "aat_term:1000290603-en"
aat_300007466 --> aat_term_1000290603_en : xl:altLabel\ncrm:P102_has_title
class cona_700000166_type1 as "cona:700000166-type1"
cona_700000166_type1 : a crm:E17_Type_Assignment
cona_700000166_type1 --> aat_term_1000290603_en : crmx:assigned_by_name
cona_700000166_type1 : crmx:sort_order 1
cona_700000166_type1 : crmx:preferred true
aat_term_1000290603_en : a xl:Label, crm:E35_Title
aat_term_1000290603_en : xl:literalForm "church"@en
aat_term_1000290603_en : crm:P3_has_note "church"@en
aat_term_1000290603_en : crm:P72_has_language gvp_lang:en
class cona_700000166_thing as "cona:700000166-thing"
cona_700000166_thing --> aat_300170443 : crm:P2_has_type
cona_700000166_thing --> aat_300007466 : crm:P2_has_type
class cona_700000166_type2 as "cona:700000166-type2"
cona_700000166_type2 : a crm:E17_Type_Assignment
cona_700000166_type2 --> aat_term_1000290235_en : crmx:assigned_by_name
cona_700000166_type2 : crmx:sort_order 2
cona_700000166_type2 : crmx:preferred false
(cona_700000166_thing, aat_300007466) .left. cona_700000166_type1
cona_700000166_type1 : ↑crm:P41_classified cona_700000166_thing
cona_700000166_type1 : ↓crm:P42_assigned aat_300007466
(cona_700000166_thing, aat_300170443) . cona_700000166_type2
cona_700000166_type2 : ↑crm:P41_classified cona_700000166_thing
cona_700000166_type2 : ↓crm:P42_assigned aat_300170443

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