Would like a few additional controls available in Salt UI prototypes

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asked Nov 16, 2012 in Wanted features by jpjerkins (120 points)

There are at least three controls I'd really like to see added to the Salt UI prototype syntax:

  • TreeView controls
  • Links
  • Horizontal Rule

Any chance of seeing these included?

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answered Nov 16, 2012 by anonymous
selected Nov 20, 2012 by jpjerkins
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TreeView controls

We may add something like:

 +++New York


Where "T" mean Tree

What do you think about it ?

Do you want some working HTTP links (as for SVG generation), or just a way to display links?

In that case, you could use:

 This is a link to <u>http://www.google.com</u>.


Horizontal Rules

What about the following syntax:

 Some text
 Other text

Where --- would be replaced by the horizontal line ?


commented Nov 20, 2012 by jpjerkins (120 points)
As far as links go, you're exactly right - underlining the text works fine.  And your suggested syntaxes for both tree controls and for horizontal rules sounds perfect.  Thanks!
commented Feb 10, 2016 by magneval (120 points)
you can create link with the creole syntax [[http://www.google.com]] but it seems to have some limitation when using the pipe like this
[[http://www.google.com|google]] particulary in tabs and menu