Feature requests for timing diagrams (Don't care)

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asked Feb 25, 2017 in Wanted features by mipok24 (180 points)


I would like to grey an concise paricipant out or make it stripes to show that it is in a "Don't Care" state.

I also would like to make it being just a line for some parts of the participant to show that the bus is offline or "Don't care" or whatever.

I have no Ideas for a syntax, but maybe some other people want it too and have some good ideas.

(Pictures below:)


Source: http://digitaltimingdiagrams.com/static/articles/timing_diagram_basics.html

Source: https://www.mtholyoke.edu/courses/dstrahma/cs221/olr/olr11.htm

Source: https://www.mtholyoke.edu/courses/dstrahma/cs221/olr/olr11.htm

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