Add support for SysML Diagram Generation

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asked Apr 5, 2017 in Wanted features by danyeaw (120 points)

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SysML is a subset and extension of UML, and I think providing a means to do text based modeling of SysML would also be very powerful.

From a high level, there are changes to the diagrams, including adding additional diagrams:

1. Requirements Diagram
2. Parametric Diagram

Structure: Object, Profile, Deployment, and Component diagrams are removed.
Behavior: Communication, Interaction Overview, and Timing diagrams are removed. Protocol state machines are removed (behavior state machines remain).


Here is what I think the priority of the changes would be:

High Priority Changes:

  1. Blocks (Class)

  2. Block Definition Diagram (Class Diagram)

    1. No arrowheads on both ends (associations have no arrowheads)

  3. Internal Block Diagram

    1. 4 properties of Blocks, but only parts, references are high priority

    2. Proxy ports and flow specifications

  4. Requirement (Class) and Requirement Diagram

  5. DeriveReqt, Verify, Satisfy (Trace)


Medium Priority Changes:

  1. Blocks – value properties and constraint properties

  2. Allocation


Low Priority Changes:

  1. Parametric Diagram

  2. Model Elements support

    1. Conform (dependency)

    2. View (package)

    3. Viewpoint (Class)

    4. Rationale and Problem (Comments)

  3. ValueType

  4. QuantityKind / Unit

  5. Blocks – value properties and constraint properties

  6. Activity extensions

    1. Control as Data

    2. Continuous Systems

    3. Probability

  7. Copy (Trace)

  8. Constraint Blocks


If this request is aligned with the vision of modeling languages that PlantUML would support, I would be willing to help volunteer to lead this effort.

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perhaps this

see 9. (Optional) For PlantUML visualization, ...

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answered Apr 24, 2023 by anonymous
Same here, I love the idea!