Plantuml activity diagram output different in Linux Confluence than Windows Confluence

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asked Aug 15, 2017 in Bug by anonymous


We have a set of activity diagrams generated with plantuml in Confluence for Linux. We are trying to port those over to plantuml in Confluence for Windows and are experiencing syntax errors and diagram output differences. Ignoring the syntax error issue for now (I'll try to re-create it in a smaller test case later), here is an example of a diagram that looks different:



partition "this is a partition" {
  note left
    *this is the first line of a note
    *this is the second line of a note
  end note

    this is step 1;

    this is step 2;
    this is step 3
    and it has two lines;

    this is step 4;



I've attaches screenshots of the Windows version and the Linux version of this diagram (the macro text is identical). I've also attached screenshots of the "version" output of plantuml for each platform. As you can see, the note for the partition appears where it should be for the Linux version and appears inside the partition (not where it should be) for the Windows version.

There are some version number differences for some of the components, but we aren't sure where the difference resides that causes the output to appear differently.

The problem has been submitted to the Avano support website as well and it was suggested to ask the question here (







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