Hyperlinks on connections between nodes in component diagram not working

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asked Aug 22, 2017 in Wanted features by GerrietR (120 points)
In class diagrams hyperlinks on connections can be made like this:

class Car
class Wheel
Car *-- Wheel [[http://plantuml.com/class]] : has some

The same for nodes in component diagrams leads to an error:

node Car
node Wheel
Car *-- Wheel [[http://plantuml.com/class]] : has some

Is it possible to have hyperlinks for all kinds of connections?
commented Feb 23, 2021 by The-Lu (65,240 points)

Hello All and PlantUML team,

We observe the same issue with State diagram:

state Car
state CarWithWheel
Car -> CarWithWheel [[http://plantuml.com/state-diagram]] : Add wheel to car

Thanks for your support, and the uniformization, if possible, between diagrams.

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