Poor eclipse performance with huge activity diagrams

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asked Mar 18, 2018 in Question / help by anonymous
Using the eclipse plugins 1.1.19 and library 1.2027.15 I'm struggling with a very poor performance on huge activity (and other) diagrams - it looks like eclipse starts a re-rendering at every keystroke in the linked editor.

In an older version ot the plugin I could disable the re-rendering and enable it, when I was finished with my diagram -enhancements (traffic-light-icon) - now I have to wait nearly a minute till I canenter a couple of characters until the re-rendering starts again.

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answered Jan 4, 2021 by schmidtjano (240 points)

I also experience this maddening delay running PlantUML version 1.2019.11 in Eclipse.

In lieu of any other method to stop a new diagram generation with each edit I make, I find entering "##" on a line by itself works well since it results in a syntax error, which causes PlantUML to stop generating diagrams. When I am done editing, I simply remove the ##. Should I not have placed the ## at the beginning or end of my document (or near the section on which I am working), the Find /Replace feature quickly locates it for me.

Hope this helps.