Creole syntax for forced linebreak not working in notes on (beta) activity diagrams

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asked Jun 5, 2018 in Bug by Mark Dancer

Using the beta syntax for line diagrams, I'm trying to force line breaks within bullet points using the Creole syntax \\ to wrap long bullet points into multiple lines.

I'm using:

note right
* //Countrywide// Tony\\Ansell and Peter Wall
end note

and expecting:

  • Countrywide Tony
    Ansell and Peter Wall

but getting:

  • Countrywide Tony\\Ansell and Peter Wall

Note that using:

note right
* //Countrywide// Tony
Ansell and Peter Wall
end note

(i.e., wrapping the text for the bullet point onto multiple lines in the input) doesn't (and shouldn't) work as I would both expect, and get, the output:

  • * Countrywide Tony

Ansell and Peter Wall



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