Error, 'Activate/Deactivate already done on X', probably shouldn't be triggered if operations not in same group.

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asked May 9, 2013 in Bug by lfr1138 (120 points)
In sequence diagrams, an 'activate X' at the start of a group right after a 'deactivate X' at the end for the prior group causes an error, 'Activate/Deactivate already done on X', but probably shouldn't

Here is an example where the desire is to have the activation state be displayed distinctly within each group (This would work correctly if each group were in a separate file):

participant X
participant Y

group First
activate X
X -> Y: Some update
activate Y
Y -> Y: spawn worker
Y -->> X: notify
deactivate Y
deactivate X

group Second
activate X
X -> Y: request stats
activate Y
X <- Y: return stats
deactivate Y
deactivate X
ref over X, Y: First


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answered Mar 5, 2018 by Anthony-Gaudino (5,720 points)
On newer versions of PlantUML the given code works.
commented Dec 21, 2018 by anonymous
It doesn't break now but it also doesn't render the second X activation in the latest version when this comment was posted.
commented Dec 21, 2018 by Serge Wenger Work (14,600 points)
You are right, it doesn't work on current version 1.2018.13 et 1.2018.14beta12
commented Mar 5, 2020 by Juanma Hernández
The same for PlantUML Server 20200112-2221 / version 1202000