Have more than one Hyperlink text color

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asked Aug 8, 2018 in Question / help by jmartin (120 points)
i recently found http://plantuml.com/link and started putting links into my diagrams.  The default blue color wasn't doing it for me so i found skinparam HyperlinkColor

now that i have set the hyperlink color, it works for almost all of my hyperlinks in one object but in another i'd like another color, because the background of that object is different...

I noticed you can put a color right before a particular object and it will change the background color of that object - is there a way to affect the color/hyperlink color that way too?   I also tried creole with <color:black> inside and outside of the [[ used to define the hyperlink.

Do i just need to wait for the skinparam for hyperlink color to be on each object?

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answered Aug 25, 2018 by plantuml (200,200 points)
Could you provide a simple example that show the issue ? It would help.

commented Mar 1 by Filip
I am not the original author, but I think an example would be

Bob -> Alice : <color: red>hello [[world]]</color>

In this example, the word "hello" is colored red but the world "blue" is the original blue color. I would like the word "world" to be colored red as well, as there is no current way to have different colors for different hyperlinks.
commented Mar 25 by anonymous
Another possibility would be to allow setting a specific hyperlink configuration for a given stereotype.

    skinparam Activity<<Event>> {
        hyperlinkColor black
        hyperlinkUnderline false