Math formulas in diagrams (activity, component, etc)

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asked Aug 13, 2018 in Wanted features by SMFSW

I tried to include math formulas in activity diagrams without success.

I tried all explained ways:


@startmath ... @endmath

@startlatex ... @endlatex

I also tried to make a file with only formulas, using @startmath/@endmath surrounded by various @startuml (id=xx)/@endduml so I can include formulas by names in puml files.

None of these seems to work.

Is this an issue with the syntax I use, or is this a limitation of PlantUML?

If it is a limitation, this would be really great if it could be integrated in later PlantUML version.

Thanks for the help!

commented Aug 13, 2018 by SMFSW
I forgot to mention:
I tried this with PlantUML plug-in in Visual Studio Code.

I put AsciiMath and JLatexMath in the plug-in folder where plantuml.jar is located.

I also tested the plantuml.jar version and switched to the latest jar available on the website to be able to generate math formulas correctly following examples given in language specification.

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