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http://plantuml.com/stdlib claims that plantuml-icon-font-sprites is integrated into the jar.

I'm trying to replicate https://github.com/tupadr3/plantuml-icon-font-sprites/blob/master/examples/complex-example.puml using PlantUML version 1.2018.10beta4, but get this error:

Preprocessor Error: Cannot include <font-awesome-5/server.puml>

There is no error eg on ' <font-awesome/gears.puml>. So, it seems to me stdlib needs to be updated to use the latest.

I finessed it like this, mixing "include <builtin>" with "includeurl" :-(.

Please note the new location of common.puml is in the root of, not under font-awesome. I think it would conflict with other stdlib builtins?

(Note to self: it's cleaner to skip the .puml extension when including a builtin)

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So, it seems to me stdlib needs to be updated to use the latest.

Yes, you're right.

Last version of https://github.com/tupadr3/plantuml-icon-font-sprites/ contains several folders, so we slightly change its integration into PlantUML stdlib.

With last beta http://beta.plantuml.net/plantuml.jar you can now have:


skinparam defaultTextAlignment center

!include <tupadr3/common>
!include <tupadr3/font-awesome-5/server>
!include <tupadr3/font-awesome-5/gitlab>
!include <tupadr3/font-awesome/gears>
!include <tupadr3/font-awesome/fire>
!include <tupadr3/font-awesome/clock_o>
!include <tupadr3/font-awesome/lock>
!include <tupadr3/font-awesome/cloud>

!include <tupadr3/devicons/nginx>
!include <tupadr3/devicons/mysql>
!include <tupadr3/devicons/redis>
!include <tupadr3/devicons/docker>
!include <tupadr3/devicons/linux>

FA_CLOUD(internet,internet,cloud) #White {



    FA_CLOCK_O(crond,crond) #White
    FA_FIRE(iptables,iptables) #White

    DEV_DOCKER(docker,docker,node)  {
        DEV_NGINX(nginx,nginx,node) #White
        DEV_MYSQL(mysql,mysql,node) #White
        DEV_REDIS(redis,redis,node) #White
        FA5_SERVER(nexus,nexus3,node) #White
        FA5_GITLAB(gitlab,gitlab,node) #White
        FA_GEARS(gitlabci,gitlab-ci-runner,node) #White

        FA_LOCK(letsencrypt,letsencrypt-client,node) #White

internet ..> iptables : http

iptables ..> nginx : http
nginx ..> nexus : http
nginx ..> gitlab : http
gitlabci ..> gitlab : http
gitlab ..> mysql : tcp/ip
gitlab ..> redis : tcp/ip

crond --> letsencrypt : starts every month

Does it sound good ?

commented Sep 18, 2019 by valexiev (1,100 points)
works perfectly!