Double star (recursive) input does not appear to work reliably

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asked Sep 26, 2018 in Bug by Sander
This is both a bug report (a strange argument quoting behavior) and a feature request (for enhanced relative path behavior).

I am using plantuml from the command line. I want to transform an input tree into an output tree. Example:


From this I want to generate:

First of all, I tried just the basic option that made sense to me:

java -jar plantuml.jar -graphvizdot "..." -output c:\Output -timeout 60 c:\Input\**.wsd

This results in only Diagram1 in the output! That was unexpected, as documentation says two star recursion should work.

java -jar plantuml.jar -graphvizdot "..." -output c:\Output -timeout 60 "c:\Input\**.wsd"

When I add the quotes for the last parameter, it does correctly recurse into the input (though I see no logic in here). However, all the output files are in the same directory, without the AAAA or BBBB subdirectories.

There is a note in the documentation that something is supposed to happen if output path is relative. This is strange to me - relative to what? Okay, after some looking it appears to be relative to input files. But this does not really work for me.

java -jar plantuml.jar -graphvizdot "..." -output ..\Output -timeout 60 "c:\Input\**.wsd"

This gives me diagram1 in the right place - C:\Output\Diagram1.png - but there does not appear to be any way to put the rest also in C:\Output because it appears to resolve the relative path for each diagram individually. So I get C:\Input\Output\Diagram2.png. Actually I desired C:\Output\AAAA\Diagram2.png.

I guess the key difference here is that I do not want input and output to be in the same tree - I have completely separate location where I want my output tree to be generated (but still named after the input tree).

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