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asked Sep 28, 2018 in Wanted features by aleikro221376 (120 points)

for a larger sw architecture, I group my use cases and my requirements into different files. I have a file use_cases.iuml and reqs.iuml. These files contain only the element defintions, no links. I want to create diagrams which show the linking use case to requirement. I use the !include statement for including use_cases.iuml and reqs.iuml. In the file with the linking use case to requirements I now get all use cases and all requirements. It would be fine to hide all unlinked elements in a section.



  usecase UC1 as "do something useful"
  usecase UC2 as "control state of cpu"


  artifact RQ1 [
  A requirement text.

  artifact RQ2 [
  Another requirement text




!include use_cases.iuml
!include reqs.iuml

skinparam packageStyle rectangle

'all other elements are hidden
hide unlinked

'only linked are shown in diagram

UC1 -- RQ1

UC1 -- RQ2



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