Muti arrow style are not working in component diagram (while working in Activity diagram)

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asked Dec 19, 2018 in Bug by boshka (2,740 points)
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I would like to have more options for colors too.

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answered Jan 6 by plantuml (202,620 points)
This is not easy to implement...

However, here is a first draft

The drawing is not perfect yet, but is this what you are expecting somehow ?
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Thank you for the efforts!
Yes, this is what I am expecting in general.
Some notes so far (see image UPD (01/09/19) (beta trials) added to the main description):
1. skinparam colorArrowSeparationSpace xx does not seem to work
2. when you set dashed for the 1st arrow, then the second becomes dashed too (this is wrong). In this example, the red arrow should be solid: -[#blue,dashed;#red]->
3. more than 2 arrows definitions seems do not work: -[#blue,dashed;#red;#green]->
4. arrow tip (whatever it is: arrow, generalization, association, etc.) gets drawn only for the 1st arrow and not for others
5. minor one: dashes of 2 dashed arrows are shiffted relatively to each other.